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Our Work

Our Secretariat is focusing on six priority areas in 2016/17:

Provincial Network

  • Building our governance structure
  • Identifying our priorities for 2017/18 and beyond

Regional Palliative Care Networks

  • Establishing and evolving the Regional Palliative Care Networks by providing them with tools, consultations and other resources

Information (Collection, Management & Reporting) and IT

  • Initiating the development of an infrastructure to support:
    • Provincial performance measurement and reporting
    • Data collection
    • Identification of palliative care needs
    • Palliative care coordination, navigation and/or communication

System Access, Capacity and Integration

  • Continuing Phase I – Focused on Residential Hospice: monitor and update RH capacity planning information and advising the Ministry of Health Long-Term Care
  • Beginning Phase II – (a) Focused beyond Residential Hospice to other settings of care for patients at the end-of-life
    • Identifying end-of-life benchmarks in different settings of care
    • Using administrative data to understand population receiving care and service use in hospital, Long-Term Care, home and community
    • Aligning work with Home and Community Levels of Care Framework
    • Developing regional profiles, including gaps, variations etc.
  • Phase II – (b) Finalizing approaches and methodology to define patient populations with life-limiting illness and service use across care settings

Knowledge Development, Transfer And Exchange

  • Establishing a provincial palliative care education working group
  • Identifying best practices
  • Prioritizing new clinical guidelines for development
  • Completing scoping and planning for a palliative care Quality Standard in partnership with Health Quality Ontario

Communication and Engagement

  • Developing and implementing our website and newsletter
  • Launching the Communications Community of Practice