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Action Plan

“My hope [is that there will be] a systematic approach to the delivery of palliative care services so that whenever anyone in Ontario is nearing the end of curative treatments, they will have a clear and easy pathway to the palliative supports they need.” Valerie M., caregiver


In 2017, we released the Ontario Palliative Care Network Action Plan 1: 2017–2020. It guided how we work together to ensure that quality hospice palliative care services are readily available, and easy to access for people with life-limiting illness and their loved ones. The action plan presents a way forward for palliative care services in Ontario, and promotes collaboration and standardization across the regions.

Our Priorities for 2020/2021

The Action Plan Priorities for FY 2020/2021 will allow us to focus on key priorities during a time of change, and help bridge the gap between Action Plan 2017–2020 and the future state of palliative care. We identified the priorities through a refinement process of the Action Plan 2017–2020.

Supplementary Documents

Statement of Information Practices Related to This Action Plan

The Ontario Palliative Care Network (OPCN) is subject to CCO’s Statement of Information Practices because data used to support this Action Plan comes from an Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) data repository that contains personal health information (PHI).

The OPCN uses this data to enable performance management and quality improvement, and report on how the implementation of the OPCN Action Plan impacts hospice palliative care in the province.