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The Ontario Palliative Care Competency Framework

This reference guide for health professionals and volunteers describes the knowledge, personal attributes and skills providers need to deliver high-quality palliative care in Ontario. Applying these competencies in practice will lead to better care for people with a life-limiting condition, and encourage collaboration among professionals and organizations providing palliative care.

This framework is a deliverable from the Ontario Palliative Care Network Action Plan, as part of building provider competencies in hospice palliative care. It complements Health Quality Ontario’s quality standard, Palliative Care: Care for Adults with a Progressive, Life-Limiting Illness; and the OPCN’s Health Services Delivery Framework recommendations.


  • Includes key professions commonly involved in palliative care delivery in Ontario
  • Describes profession-specific and shared competencies
  • Organizes competencies into 13 domains essential to palliative care practice
  • Includes competencies for those caring for patient or family with life-limiting conditions, plus additional ones for those specializing in palliative care
  • Incorporates competencies specific to caring for First Nations, Inuit, Métis and urban Indigenous peoples
  • Validated by health professional colleges and associations
  • Adapted from the Nova Scotia Competency Framework, and Ireland’s Palliative Care Competence Framework

Competency Framework

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