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About Us

We are a partnership of community stakeholders, health service providers and health systems planners who are developing a coordinated and standardized approach for delivering hospice palliative care services  in the province. We are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to help deliver on Ontario’s commitment to palliative care.

Our work is person-centred, focusing on supporting the provision of quality hospice palliative care for all Ontarians regardless of their age or disease type. 

We will help to ensure that hospice palliative care in Ontario is:

  • High quality
    Every Ontarian receives hospice palliative care that is based on the best evidence and focused on the best outcomes 
  • Sustainable
    Public healthcare for future generations is protected through measurement and continuous improvement of outcomes and value
  • Accessible 
    Every Ontarian has timely access to a healthcare provider, regardless of income level, location or health status
  • Continuous 
    Care received is coordinated between providers so that a consistent standard is met throughout the system  
  • Person-centred 
    Individuals and families are involved in developing their personal care plans and have the information they need to help them make informed decisions about care. These plans take into account their quality of life and care goals as well as personal and cultural preferences and wishes

Our History and Background

  • December 2011 
    More than 80 stakeholder groups from across Ontario collaborate to create and issue the Declaration of Partnership and Commitment to Action. It serves as our foundation and enables a system that puts the patient and their family at the centre of every decision made in hospice palliative care
  • October 2014 
    The Local Health Integration Networks and CCO develop a business plan for a new provincial hospice palliative care structure. This plan builds on previous work and proposes the creation of a formalized provincial network with clear accountability to drive the delivery of quality coordinated hospice palliative care in Ontario
  • March 2016 
    We are officially launched by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care