The Ministry of Health has given us this mandate:

Be a principal advisor to the Ontario government on quality, coordinated hospice palliative care in the province.

Be accountable for quality improvement initiatives, data and performance measurement, and system-level coordination of hospice palliative care in Ontario.

Support regional implementation of high-quality, high-value hospice palliative care.

We work to ensure that hospice palliative care in Ontario is:

  • High quality: Every person in Ontario who needs it receives hospice palliative care based on the best evidence and focused on the best outcomes.
  • Sustainable: Public health care for future generations is protected through measurement and continuous improvement of outcomes and value.
  • Accessible: Every person in Ontario has access to a health care provider when they need it, regardless of their income, location or health status.
  • Continuous: Care is coordinated between providers so a consistent standard is met throughout the system.
  • Person-centred: Individuals and families are involved in developing their personal care plans. They have the information they need to help them make informed decisions about care. These plans take into account their quality of life and care goals as well as personal and cultural preferences and wishes.

To learn how we are delivering on our mandate, see our Action Plan.