Provincial Leadership and Governance

Our provincial governance is led by Ontario Health and the Quality Hospice Palliative Care Coalition of Ontario. Ontario Health hosts the Secretariat for the network.

Ontario Palliative Care Network is now part of Ontario Health, an agency created by the Government of Ontario with a mandate to connect and coordinate our province’s health care system to help ensure that Ontarians receive the best possible care.

The Ontario Health website contains information about our board of directors and leadership.

The provincial governance structure is made up of 5 governance bodies supported by a Secretariat. This structure helps us to deliver on our mandate in partnership with the Regional Palliative Care Networks.

Provincial Governance Structure


Provincial Governance Structure flowchart

Flowchart Description

The Secretariat reports to Executive Oversight and supports 4 advisory councils:

  • Implementation Advisory Council
  • Clinical Advisory Council
  • Data & Information Advisory Council
  • Partnership Advisory Council

The advisory councils also report to Executive Oversight.

Executive Oversight

  • Provides executive leadership for our work and ensures accountability from partners. Executive Oversight is accountable to the Ministry of Health.
  • Members represent Ontario Health, Quality Hospice Palliative Care Coalition of Ontario and our advisory councils.

Implementation Advisory Council

  • Provides ongoing strategic advice for implementing our Action Plan.
  • Provides a forum for members to discuss issues of common interest and share advice, insights and recommendations to inform their respective activities in furthering Ontario’s hospice palliative care system.
  • Members include representatives from Ontario Health, our advisory councils, regional cancer programs and Regional Palliative Care Networks.

Clinical Advisory Council

  • Provides clinical input into proposed improvements in and guidance for palliative care.
  • Provides advice to Executive Oversight on clinical implications of policy.
  • Members include palliative care clinicians from across Ontario, including palliative care and primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and social workers.

Data and Information Advisory Council

  • Provides ongoing strategic advice for measuring overall palliative care performance.
  • Provides guidance on data and measurement for effective planning and delivery of care across regions, sectors and populations to advance priorities of the Ontario Palliative Care Network.
  • Members includes representatives from Ontario Health, the Canadian Institute for Health Information, ICES, and palliative care researchers, and a delegate from the Clinical Advisory Council.

Partnership Advisory Council

  • Gathers insights and recommendations from the networks and organizations represented by its membership.
  • Advises the Executive Oversight to help ensure plans for quality, coordinated palliative care reflect a diversity of partner perspectives.
  • Members include patient and family advisors, as well as organizations and associations reflecting all levels of care, and different care settings, services and areas of the province.


  • Leads the execution of our mandate.
  • Provides subject matter expertise, reviews literature and best practices, and develops materials to support our governance bodies, working groups and expert panels so they can provide strategic direction.
  • Provides logistical and project management support to bring experts and leaders together to develop and approve projects or initiatives as appropriate.
  • Provides operational support to the Executive Oversight and Advisory Councils.

While the provincial structure sets our strategic direction, the Regional Palliative Care Networks are the main implementers, aligning regional priorities to the provincial direction. Learn more about the Regional Palliative Care Networks and their governance structure.

To learn more about our provincial leadership and governance structure or to request membership lists for our governance bodies, please contact us.